Students are expected to wear the correct uniform and to maintain the highest possible standards regarding their individual presentation.  Full uniform checks take place regularly.  All items of uniform should be labelled.

Uniform Policy

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Only the following items are to be worn at school:

  • Navy blazer with school crest
  • School jumper (optional for academic year 2023/24)
  • Sleeveless school jumper (optional)
  • White long/short sleeved shirt
  • GCA Y7-10 tie or Y11 tie as appropriate*
  • Medium grey straight-leg trousers or GCA pleated tartan knee-length skirt (with red lion logo)
  • Plain black ankle socks or plain black tights as appropriate
  • Flat plain black shoes – must be closed toe with a back
  • A suitable outdoor coat
  • GCA polo shirt (from May Day bank holiday to end of summer term only)
  • White apron for food tech lessons
  • Blue apron for DT lessons
  • Jewellery is not permitted with the exception of a wristwatch

*Boys and girls will both wear ties with a white long/short sleeved shirt.




  • GCA contour fitted polo shirt or crew neck shirt with GCA badge
  • GCA contour skort or GCA contour short
  • GCA touchline socks
  • Training shoes (strictly no ‘pimple soles’)
  • GCA navy leggings
  • plain navy or black (unbranded) jogging bottoms or leggings



  • GCA contour 1/4 zip sweatshirt or plain black or navy 1/4 zip sweatshirt (no hoodies)
  • Black/navy long sleeved skins as appropriate
  • Football boots and shin pads as appropriate 
  • Gum shield as appropriate 

All uniform is available to purchase from the Uniform and Leisurewear Company Click here for the website


Personal Appearance 

  • Hair should be tidy in appearance and of a natural colour;
  • Make up (if worn) should be minimal and of natural appearance;
  • Nail varnish is not permitted;
  • Acrylic or gel nails are not permitted;
  • The only jewellery permitted is a wristwatch. For reasons of safety and security - no other jewellery is permitted.


Incorrect Uniform

Students must wear correct uniform everyday.  In exceptional circumstances, where this is not possible, the student must bring a note from home explaining the reason and the short time frame required to correct the issue. 

No explanation from home and/or an unacceptable length of time before anticipated correction, will result in students losing their breaks and lunchtimes until an acceptable solution has been arrived at.

Students continually wearing unacceptable items of uniform will be subject to our normal behaviour management routines as they will be considered to be not following reasonable instructions.

Members of the SLT reserve the right to challenge what they consider to be unacceptable uniform and appearance issues. 

Members of SLT may decide to confiscate inappropriate items which may then need to be retrieved by a parent.

The final decision over subjective interpretations of uniform rests with the Principal.