Welcome to Garstang Community Academy

GCA: Garstang Community Academy

GCA: GCA: Grow Care Achieve


The team here at GCA look forward to helping you to grow from being the wonderful children that you currently are, into fabulous, successful and ambitious young adults. 

We will care for you through that journey and, really importantly, encourage you to care too.

We will build on the amazing work you Primary Schools do, and help you to achieve your goals and fulfil your ambitions, despite the disruptions of the last couple of years.


Transition Evening

Join us on Thursday 23rd March at 6.15pm to take part in our '6-2-7 Quest'

Transition Evening - 23rd March 2023

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Keep checking back in on this page for further updates. We look forward to seeing you soon. 


Tips for starting secondary school



CLICK HERE to appeal for a secondary school place


School Map

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