Assessment Schedule for internal exams 2019-20.


Main formal exam weeks:


Year 11

Year 11 Final exams begin on  11th May 2020. Other final exams will take place in some subject areas at other dates throughout the year. These will be communicated to students and parents in good time and will be detailed on the exams pages on the school website.


Year 10

Exam Week:  27th Apr – 7th May 2020.

Year 10 Mock Exams 2020


Year 9

Exam Week:  15-19th June 2020.


Year 8

Exam Week:  1st -5th Jun 2020.


Year 7

Exam Week:  19th -22nd May 2020.


These are the main yearly cumulative summative exams.


End of term cumulative exams / tests will also takes place in many subject areas throughout the year.  Students  and parents will be given good prior warning for these exams  / tests via Show My Homework and Parentmail.