In this new Digital Era technology is everywhere! We have the internet, email, smartphones, tablets, netbooks – the list goes on; and all these devices have access to the exciting world of the internet. In fact, do you know exactly how much access your children really have?

Many parents have limited experience of using the internet themselves, maybe only using it for web browsing and using email. Your children use it for much more – from instant messaging to downloading music, playing games, doing homework,  your children are far more ‘tech savvy’ than you would think – but they are still only children! It is up to us to guide them on how to use the world of technology safely and protect themselves from the dangers the internet can pose to them now, and in the future.


Our role as ‘Gate-keepers’

It is our responsibility as the adults to protect the children in our care and provide them with the guidance they need. So what can we do?

Talk! – use the materials available here and freely elsewhere on the web to discuss how and what your child views on the internet. Encourage your child to discuss what they view with you – particularly if anything upsets or concerns them.

Monitor their internet use. Keep the computer in a family room and set rules about how and when they use it.

Check the internet history and ensure there are parental controls in place. (Ask your Internet Service Provider if you are unsure how to).

Check your child has appropriate security settings on their social networking pages and check the age limits on the sites. Do you know who your child’s ‘online friends’ are? Ask them!

Educate your child on safe internet practice. Provide a list of information they should not provide (share) electronically.

Vodafone have produced some really helpful advice for Digital Parenting. Click here to take a look.

Social Media Guides & Social Media Settings

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Remember the 5 SMART rules when using the internet and mobile phones!


Lancashire Schools E Safety Charter

Lancashire eSafety Charter Certificate

At Garstang Community Academy we are committed to the Lancashire Schools E-Safety Charter. We have adopted the rights and responsibilities of the charter and we use these in our discussions with students.
Rights & Responsibilities.