9 Oct 2019

What a fantastic lunch-time in the Study Centre today!

We were celebrating the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Day and some of our teachers read their favourite poems to us.

Mrs Banks made us all laugh with a poem by Pam Ayres - ‘I wish I’d looked after me teeth’ and Mr Cummings read us a poignant poem called 'The Blind Boxer' by W H Davies.

Mrs Elliott explained to us that poetry was actually all around us and gave us some examples to think about. Her choice of poems were, ‘The Sheep-Dog’ by U A Fanthorpe and ‘My Mistress’ Eyes’ by William Shakesapeare.

Mrs Howarth reminded us that we all still use many of Shakespeare’s words these days without even knowing it! She illustrated this by reading ‘Shakespeare Sayings’ by Bernard Levin and then it all became very clear!

Miss Roberts read us a fantastic and thought-provoking poem by Tony Harrison called ‘Them and [Uz]’.

We held a competition for the students to write an original poem with the theme of ‘Truth’ for our poetry Competition

and we had some fantastic entries. It was so difficult to choose a winner…

First prize was presented by Mrs Banks (Head of English) to Amelia G, Year 7 for her poem...

Truth Began

It took the whispers of the breeze.

It took the howl of the wolf

And it made it’s voice…

For its beauty

It took the wing of a butterfly

It took the colours of a rainbow

And from the night it took the sparkle of the stars

It took the darkness of the evening sky

And made it’s eyes.

It took the heart of the kind.

It took the loyalty of a dog.

And made its personality.

And for its walk

It took the stealth of a cat

And for its mind

It took the truth from us.

Truth began


Second and third prizes were presented  to Lauren and Mia in Year 9 and Niyah, Eloise and Amelia also in Year 9.Congratulations to you all!



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