28 Oct 2016

Carved Pumkin Raffle

This year the pumpkin raffle was won by Isaac Knowles (Form 8.3) who was presented with his intricately carved pumpkin by Mr Cummings.


Halloween Poetry Competition

There were some fantastic entries this year and it was very difficult to decide on a winner.  Mrs Gornall and Mr Cummings both agreed that the best poem was from Jess Butler (Form 8.2).


It's Halloween by Jess Butler

Decorations out for another year,

And the whole town's painted with fear,

Creepy kids kick into high gear.

It's Halloween!

A chorus od screams that pierce the night,

Children scamper in a tsunami of fright,

Observe painted faces, such an eerie sight.

It's Halloween!

To knock on doors, children do dare,

Flicking cobwebs which drape from their hair,

Giving townfolk a terrific scare.

It's Halloween!

The moon, in it's light, the town does bathe,

And the creepy creatures return to their caves,

Curtains close on the midnight masquerade.

It's Halloween!


Jess was presented with a hamper full of halloween goodies by Mr Cummings.  Well done to Jess and thank you to everyone who took part.  There are lots of 'spooktacular' books in the Study Centre for you to read over half term!

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