Fancy that…..?  A night in a Birmingham museum?

Want to sleep with skeletons?  Bed down under a spitfire?  Or wake up beside a steam engine?  Only lucky Year 8 students from Garstang Community Academy can do that!!

79 students were whisked off by GCA staff to Birmingham Think Tank Museum on Friday 25th September to enjoy a night of fun filled activities.

The activities were based around group sizes but a make-and-take workshop, a planetarium show and a museum tour were guaranteed. GCA students had the chance to participate in four activities and visit the hands-on ‘Science Garden’.

First stop? Activity 1, a visit to the planetarium where they learnt about the search for life and water on Mars. Onto Activity 2 and students were given the opportunity to test their computer animation skills creating a short video from still images. Activity 3, students have free range of all the museum exhibits for 45 minutes, here they learnt about a range of subjects including engineering, medicine and chemical reactions!  After Activity 3 the students had to squeeze in a few hours sleep…………

Up bright and early ready for the last activity of the trip – a visit to the ‘Science Garden’ where they attempted to defy gravity and run in a giant hamster wheel. What an experience that was!