19 Mar 2019

The Garstang Community Academy 500 Words Competition was won by Kate D in Year 7.

Out of many entries, Kate’s fantastic story stood out from the crowd. Well done Kate!

Her prize was presented by Miss Hall.

You can read her story here:


Have You Ever Been Lost?                                                                                                        

From where I was sitting, the warm, distant glow of houses and shops filled the streets for as long as I could see. The smell of bakeries opening their doors for the day filled the air. A shiver ran down my spine as I realised this day was going to be tough.

As the streets started to fill with people, an old, hunched-over figure hobbled towards me. I didn’t see where she came from. She just seemed to appear beside me from nowhere. She was so thin I could almost see through her skin. The black shawl around her shoulders was barely supported by her small frame. Her thin, grey hair hung around her wrinkled face. “H…hello my dear”, she croaked as she handed me a box. “W…what is th…this”, I stuttered, pulling my knees up to my chest. “I’ll leave that for you to find out”, she replied, her head still down. “But don’t let them get it”.

I looked around me to see who was watching this strange meeting. I asked “Who?”, as I turned back to face her, but just as quickly and mysteriously as she had appeared, she was gone.

Almost instantly a beam of headlights shone in the distance. Just then the box started to tremble and quiver. A black car slid to a halt in front of me and two stocky men got out of the car. “Give us the box!”, the first one said in a menacing whisper, which chilled my bones to ice. They began to move towards me, their eyes firmly fixed on the vibrating, metal, carved box. The box was now vigorously quivering and trembling. Before I could protest, a blinding light shot out of the box.

I gently flickered open my eyes to find I was in my own bed, in my own house. I lay in shock realising it was all just a dream…

Cautiously, I got out of bed, showered, ate my breakfast and got ready for work. It was a beautiful day; the trees were swaying in the summer breeze. I hopped in my car, which was parked as normal in my locked garage when a low, distant hum came from the rear seat. I slowly turned around and my fears came rushing back as I saw the light shoot from the box I’d thought was only in my dreams. Feeling a surge of fear and panic, I began to get out of my car needing to get away from the small, square, shape I now feared. Before I could get out, my phone started to ring. I dreaded answering, knowing it was somehow connected to the box, but I knew I had to.

“Hello”, I said cautiously.

An old lady’s crackled tone replied. “I believe you have something of mine”.