30 Mar 2017

Students unscrambled the authors and titles of 10 different books in an attempt to win one of five Easter eggs.

Many of them got all the answers right and so the tie-break question was needed to decide on the winner.

Students were asked to make as many words as they could out of the letters in ‘EASTER HOLIDAYS’.

The winner who managed an amazing 210 words was Lucy Bendall, 7.2!

Second prize went to Maria Vittipaldi, 7.2 and the three other Easter eggs were won by Emma Davey, 8.4, Caitlin Dever, 10.1 and Alfie Simkin, 7.4. Well done to all of you!  

English teacher Mr Cummings presented the Easter Egg prizes.

Look out for another Study Centre competition after Easter!

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