11 Mar 2016

What a fantastic day!

We started our celebrations early by taking a group of very enthusiastic children to Preston Guild Hall to be a part of The Biggest Book Show on Earth! A really special and memorable celebration of reading!

There were some REALLY famous authors there who told us all about themselves, how they started writing, where they actually find inspiration for their stories and how they go about illustrating their books. We were lucky enough to be able to meet some of them when we had our books signed.

The Children’s Laureate, Chris Riddell was there, together with TV’s Sam and Mark, Johnny Duddle, Steve Butler, Queen of Teen winner Cathy Cassidy and author and illustrator team, Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.

We all had a brilliant time!

The Study Centre Quiz was won by Caitlin Dever, 9.1 and runner-up was Annabel Edmondson, 7.6.

The quiz was quite difficult this year and although no-one got all the questions right, Caitlin and Annabel did incredibly well and must have done a lot of research and reading to achieve their results. We hope you enjoyed your prizes-Well done!


YEAR 7 students were asked to decorate their form room doors to represent a book character, a book, or a scene from a story. They were just amazing! They had all researched their designs very thoroughly and made a fantastic job of their doors.

It was far too difficult for Mr Birch and Mrs Morgan to decide on a winner and so, after much discussion, they decided to award a joint First Prize to Mr Colluney’s form, 7.6 and Mr Armer’s form, 7.5.

7.6 had done a really imaginative and nostalgic display of The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. It spanned two large doors and the detail was incredible! Well done!

7.5 decided on Where’s Wally for their door and went to great lengths to ensure that form members were in the crowd!  A very original idea!


Year 8 pupils were asked to list and talk about their favourite books and then create a display of book covers on their doors. They all looked brilliant.

The winners were Miss Elsey’s form, 8.5.

Thank you all for taking part. We hope you enjoyed your prizes!

World Book Day 2016

Study Centre