6 Feb 2018

Dear Parent

at the moment there is no necessity to consider closing site, however we ARE addressing one or two currently small concerns and associated solutions which have been communicated to staff and students.  These are:

One or two areas of site are becoming a bit dangerous:

  • The back of school is now out of bounds and roped off.
  • Access to the Sports Hall is via the driveway down – NOT the steps – therefore there is NO VEHICULAR ACCESS at any time until the buses have gone at approximately 3.15 – if this causes difficulties, please let me know.
  • Children should walk sensibly around site.
  • There must not be snow-balling – we’ve so much loose gravel that there is an inevitability of someone getting hurt.

I will keep an eye on the forecast and liaise with bus companies and out-lying villages, and make further decisions throughout the day with regard to bus routes etc.  At the moment the met-office forecast is for light snow for the next couple of hours, but it is impossible to really judge the potential impact.

If you have any concerns regarding your child, please contact school.


Many thanks

Mr Ashcroft