25 Jan 2018

The Mid Year Award Assemblies took place on Friday 26th January to celebrate the on-going achievements of our students.

Award certificates, badges, vouchers and chocolates were presented to students by their Progress Leaders for various awards – 100% Attendance, Excellent Behaviour, Ambassadors for Creative Arts and Sports, Progress and Achievement in English, Maths and Science and the Student of the Term.

Congratulations to all our students!

YEAR 7  
Sports Ambassadors: Taylor Walmsley & Holly Rae
Creative Arts Ambassadors: Hugh Monaghan & Sophie Livingstone 
Subject Progress & Achievement  
English Jack Moore & Ruby Tyson
Maths Justin Romero & Holly Rea
Science Matthew Waring & Ella Spar
Student of the Term: Liam Painter & Harriet Whiteside


YEAR 8  
Sports Ambassadors: William Jardine & Emma Harrison 
Creative Arts Ambassadors: Ruairi Watson & Darcie Rowlandson 
Subject Progress & Achievement  
English Ryan Kelly & Lucy Bendall
Maths Ben Rowbottom & Maria Vittipaldi
Science Marley Beal & Marianne Chapman-Fox
Student of the Term: Dan Cross & Izzy Davidson


YEAR 9  
Sports Ambassadors: Taylor Jacob & Jennifer Miller
Creative Arts Ambassadors: Harry Slinger & Phoebe Porritt
Subject Progress & Achievement  
English Jonty Turnbull & Abigail Shorrock
Maths James Alcock & Lucy Wood
Science James Alcock & Sophie Little
Student of the Term: Gerard Thompson & Abbie Wilkinson


YEAR 10  
Sports Ambassadors: David Meadows & Charlotte Curwen
Creative Arts Ambassadors: Harry Wardle & Caitlin McNeil
Subject Progress & Achievement  
English Eddie Horn & Kayleigh Anderton
Maths David Homer & Emma Jennings
Science Harry Russell & Kelly Ball
Student of the Term: Eddie Horn, Amelia Smith & Olivia Tyson


YEAR 11  
Sports Ambassadors: Will Cocks & Jasmine Jolly
Creative Arts Ambassadors: George Place & Victoria Hudson
Subject Progress & Achievement  
English Charlie Sturgess & Jasmine Jolly
Maths Matthew Roskell & Lucy Hodson
Science Luke Tyson & Amy Lowe
Student of the Term: Bryn Crofts & Victoria Hudson