23 Aug 2017

Students from Garstang Community Academy have achieved yet another fabulous set of exam results, with 69% of GCA students exceeding or gaining the 5 pass grades or better including both English and Maths measure, and 20% gaining a Maths/English new grade 7 or better.

There are many stand out individual performances, with a large number of students, including Head Boy James Parker, Chris Saunders, Liliana Andrews, William Brown, Zak Clifton, Josh Gilmore, Josh Kelsall, Cerys Mawby, Holly Myers, Joseph Nayler and Jack Smith, gaining A/A* or the new 9/8/7 grade in every or almost every subject. James, Liliana, William, Josh Kelsall and Eleanor Parkinson gained the new English/Maths grade 9, awarded only to the top 3% of students nationally for ‘exceptional performance’, with James achieving it in both.

Principal Alasdair Ashcroft is really pleased with his students’ success:

Against a backdrop of National uncertainty and a general ‘toughening up’ of exam grades, I am incredibly proud of my students’ fabulous GCSE results, which are a reflection of the resilience and hard work of everyone at GCA. I wish all of our wonderful students all the very best as they move on, with the grades they need, to the next exciting phase of their lives.”

9 Passes

J Allen, L Andrews, E Barnes, H Beardsworth, R Belard-Carreno, O Bendall, R Bevan, L Billington, M Boardman, R Booker, L Bradshaw, E Brady, J Brayshaw, A Bromley, K Brown, W Brown, A Burford, K Busby, J Cameron, A Carr, T Chandler, H Clarkson, E Clegg, Z Clifton, P Collinson, Z Coppin, R Corless, J Corrigan, G Cross, S Curwen, M Davies, T Davies, J Davis, L Davis, L Dunkley, E Dutton, Z Edmondson, R Evans, S Fish, O Foden, J Fowler, M Fricker, S Garth, J Gilmore, S Green, R Greenwood, C Guinan, A Hardman, C Harper, N Hart, J Hartley, L Heathcote, Lana Hewitt, Lucy Hewitt, J Hazel, G Hindle, F Hoctor, T Hoggart, H Hopson, M Hurst, H Jackson, W Johnson, J Jolly, C Jones, P Kealey, B Keay, S Kellet, J Kelsall, M Kelsall, P Kerr, B Knox, T Lawrence, W Lawrenson, C Little, N Little, J Marsden, C Mawby,

H McDougall, J McEvoy, J McGreavy, S Minihane, E Morse, O Mullin, H Myers, L Myers, J Nayler, S Nelson, R ewlands, J Parker, E Parkinson, A Parmar, M Partington, L Poulton, C Procter, B Pugh, C Purchase, T Richardson, A Richmond, J Robinson, E Rooney-Black, T Ruston, C Rutherford, O Sanderson, C Saunders, K Saville, J Seed, E Singleton, A Smith, J Smith, P Smith, A Sorrenson, Z Stephen, C Sutcliffe, P Sutkowski, H Swale, K Swift, J Taylor, S Thornton, H Walker, R Wallman, A Walmsley, C Webb, C Whiteside, J Wicks, A Wilding, J Wilding, E Williams, L Williams, Gemma Wilson, Georgia Wilson, E Wood, M Woodward, E Wright.


8 Passes

S Airey, K Barnes, C Bates, B Bentley, T Boardman, G Church, K Clapp, D Fazackerley, J Hall, D Heys, R Horner, J Murphy, M Passmore, A Pearson, M Rawsthorne, T Walkden, O Whiteside, J Willshaw.