18 Apr 2017

Please see below the P.E. Department Practice Timetable for April-May.

Lunch time clubs will start on Tuesday 18th April and After School clubs will start on Wednesday 19th April.

Day Lunch After School
MONDAY Year 8 Volleyball Club

Athletics (all years)

All Years Girls Football (courts)

Girls table Tennnis

TUESDAY Year 9 Volleyball Club

District/School Boys Volleyball (see Mr Kidd)

Year 7 & 8 Rounders practice and fixtures (see Miss Shepherd)

Year 7 Boys Table Tennis

WEDNESDAY Year 7 Volleyball Club Social Rounders (all years)
THURSDAY Girls Volleyball

Disctrict/School Boys Volleyball (see Mr Kidd)

Year 9 & 10 Rounders Practice and Fixtures (see Miss Shepherd)

Years 8-11 Boys Table Tennis

FRIDAY   Staff Sports (see Mr Armer)