Book of the Week

22 May 2017


Everyone tells Sophie that she was orphaned in a shipwreck,

but Sophie is convinced her mother also survived.

When no one believes her, Sophie sets out to prove them wrong.

On the run from the authorities, Sophie finds Matteo - a boy who walks tightropes and lives in…

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Book of the Week

15 May 2017

This wonderful book is packed with amazing photographs taken by Tim Peake from the International Space Station.

'It's impossible to look down on earth from space and not be mesmerised by the fragile beauty of our planet.'

I may have been 400km up, but I have never felt closer to Earth than…

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Book of the Week

8 May 2017

Eight keys, eight secrets. One girl about to unlock her past

Before I used it, the key had infinite possibilities.

Eleven-year-old Elise feels stuck.

Her school locker-buddy squashes her lunch and laughs at her, every day.

She doesn't want to go to school - and her best friend,…

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Book of the Week

3 May 2017


The first time I saw them, I thought they were angels...

Steve's newborn baby brother is seriously ill and his parents are struggling to cope. 

When a mysterious wasp queen invades his dreams and makes him an offer that could transform his life, all Steve has to…

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Book of the Week

24 Apr 2017

From the Carnegie shortlisted author of When Mr Dog Bites, Brian Conaghan.

The Bombs That Brought Us Together

Charlie has always lived in Little Town.

It's home: the curfew, the Regime, the thugs, the poverty.

He knows the rules.

Then he meets Pavel.

Scrawny, sweary, with fierce…

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Spring Book Reviews

22 Mar 2017

We have a huge selection of new books for Spring!

Here are just a few of them....

River of Ink by Helen Dennis

There are lots of twists and pacy dialogue in this first instalment of a thriller trilogy.

In the heart of London, a mystery boy emerges from the River Thames.

In a race…

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World Book Day -2 March 2017

24 Feb 2017


We will be celebrating World Book Day with lots of fun activities and prizes

in the Study Centre throughout the week.

Please come and join us at morning breaks and lunch-times.

You can exchange your £1 Book Voucher in the Study Centre

for one of the four books…

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February is Love of Reading Month

6 Feb 2017

There is no better place to be than between the pages of a good book!

Browse a selection of our Romantic Novels for Valentine's Day:-

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater

Love Song by Sophia Bennett

My Rocky Romance…

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Book of the Week

30 Jan 2017

Enter the world of Septimus Heap, Wizard Apprentice. 

Magyk is his destiny.

A powerful Necromancer has killed the Queen and locked up the Extraordinary Wizard.

Now, using Darke Magyk, he can create the bleak and sinister world he desires.

But the Necromancer made a mistake.

A vital…

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Book of the Week

23 Jan 2017

For our younger readers...

Welcome to the Midnight Gang!

Midnight is the time when most children are fast asleep, except of course for...

The Midnight Gang!

That is when their adventures are just beginning...

When Tom gets hit on the head by a cricket ball

and finds himself at…

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Book of the Week

16 Jan 2017

The enemy is closer than you think.

He didn't know exactly what he was expecting on the other side of the door.

But it wasn't this.

The sickness struck everyone over fourteen.

First it twisted their minds.

Next it ravaged their bodies.

Now they roam the streets -crazed and…

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Book of the Week

9 Jan 2017

London is in Danger - and the Clock is Ticking...

An unknown bomber is terrorizing London.

The only question is,

where will he strike next?

Zak Darke is Agent 21, working undercover for a shadowy government agency.

He's highly trained, and perfectly placed to intercept the…

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