Book of the Week

16 Apr 2018

For our older readers...

A brilliant thriller... No film or televising could compete with the immediacy of this intense plotting.

This novel crackles with tension as the plot unfolds - a mother and son desperate to start a new life.

Danny is a boy on the edge. A boy teetering on the brink…

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Book of the Week

8 Jan 2018

From the creator of Percy Jackson...

' Witty and inspired, hugely entertaining, gripping and touching.'


'If you're reading this, you're already in danger.

Sadie and I might be your only chance.'

My name is Carter Kane. I guess it started in London,

the night our dad blew up the…

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Book of the Week

9 Jan 2017

London is in Danger - and the Clock is Ticking...

An unknown bomber is terrorizing London.

The only question is,

where will he strike next?

Zak Darke is Agent 21, working undercover for a shadowy government agency.

He's highly trained, and perfectly placed to intercept the…

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Book of the Week

21 Nov 2016

Before the Name Became a Legend

Before the Boy Became the Man

Kidnap    Violence    Explosions    Murder

This action-packed book is not for the faint-hearted!

In a north London cemetery a professor is kidnapped at gunpoint.

A suspicious letter crammed with cryptic clues arrive at…

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23rd May

23 May 2016

Terrifying warriors of the dark have formed an army, the like of which has never been seen before. They will spill human blood –

enough to make the waters that divide our lands from theirs run red.

The legend of the County’s new Spook continues…



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16th May

16 May 2016

Contract killer Yassen Gregorovich has been given his orders: KILL ALEX RIDER.

As Yassen considers his mission, he remembers a secret from the past

that connects him to the fourteen-year-old spy. What is it that makes one of them

choose to do evil?

What does it take to make a…

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9th May

9 May 2016

The fate of the world is in the hands of the SOLDIER GIRLS…

Rio Richlin and her friends are going to war: But will they be strong enough to prove themselves on the front lines?

Am I a coward?

Her face is wet but her mouth is dry. Her heart is beating heavy and slow. Her breathing is…

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2nd May

2 May 2016

Rose(rows) has a unique voice, and her story is very touching. Rose has a diagnosis of autism

and struggles to understand the unspoken social rules that are built in to the rest of us.

Her props are homonyms – she has an ever growing list of words pronounced the same as another but spelled…

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18th April

  18 April 2016

No one has set foot on Earth in centuries – until now.

Ever since a devastating nuclear war, humanity has lived on spaceships far above Earth’s radioactive surface.

Now 100 juvenile delinquents – considered expendable by society –

are being sent on a dangerous mission: to re-colonise the…

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