2 May 2016

Rose(rows) has a unique voice, and her story is very touching. Rose has a diagnosis of autism

and struggles to understand the unspoken social rules that are built in to the rest of us.

Her props are homonyms – she has an ever growing list of words pronounced the same as another but spelled differently,

prime numbers, and her dog Rain (reign, rein).

When Rain goes missing, Rose works methodically to find her, but their reunion brings a problem: Rain originally belonged to another family,

who also want their dog back.

For Rose, for whom written rules are as vital as homonyms, there’s only one course of action to take.

Rose tells her story exactly as it happens, but readers will infer so much more from her descriptions of events and the reactions of the other characters.

A delight to read, this is a sophisticated and very moving piece of storytelling.



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